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    Distinction between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

    13 months ago

    Microeconomics is the study of individual economic units of an economy whereas macroeconomics is the study of aggregates of an economy as a whole. For example, when we study of an individual sugar mill manufacturing...

  • 12

    Elements of Promotion Mix or promotional mix

    13 months ago

    Integration of all the elements of promotion mix is necessary to meet the information requirements of all target customers.  This simply means that the promotion mix is not designed to satisfy only the prospective...

  • 11

    Meaning and definition of Satisfying different Marketing Management Needs

    13 months ago

    In our country, when managers were asked about the meaning of Marketing, the majority of them said that the marketing is selling, advertising and public relations.  In USA, when college administrators were asked...

  • 26

    How to prepare and face exams before taking it

    13 months ago

    Exam time is coming and everyone is getting ready for their board exams.  This is the time of tension and pressure for both parents and students.  I would like to give some advice for the parents as well...

  • 55

    Objectives of audit and advantages of Auditing

    13 months ago

    The objectives of an audit may broadly be classified as 1. Primary Objectives 2. Secondary objectives. Primary Objectives: The main purpose of audit is to judge the reliability of the financial statements and the...

  • 78

    Importance of Planning

    13 months ago

    The importance of the planning function should have be clear to you.  We can outline the importance of planning function as follows: Provides Direction: Planning provides a clear sense of direction to the...

  • 10

    What is the Meaning and Significance of Group Morale

    13 months ago

    An effective leader tries his best to boost the morale of the employees which in turn motivate them to work willingly.  Let  us discuss morale in detail Meaning and Significance of Morale Morale is the...

  • 16

    Functions of Leadership

    13 months ago

    Leadership functions of a manager are related with his managerial functions.  The leaser as a manger has to set the group goal, motivate and inspire subordinates, make plans, and supervise performance. ...

  • 119

    Essentials of a valid Contract

    13 months ago

    Essentials of a valid contract. What is a contract? A contract is an agreement that can be enforceable by law.   An agreement is  an offer and its acceptance.  An agreement which can...

  • 9

    The Law of Contract, Agreement, Proposal, acceptance, offer and enforceability

    13 months ago

    The Law of Contract. One of the most important part of Mercantile law in India is the Law of Contract.  This law determines the areas covered by the parties who enter in to a contract.  It also provides...

  • 21

    What is the Meaning and source of Mercantile law

    13 months ago

    Meaning and source of Mercantile law Mercantile law is a part of civil law. It governs and regulates the trade and commerce in the country. Mercantile law deals with the needs of a business man. This include laws...

  • 40

    Nature and Characteristics of Planning management

    13 months ago

    Managerial function has some unique characteristics of its own which separate it from other functions. They are: Primacy of Planning: Planning is the first and foremost activity of Managerial function. Management...

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